16 December 2011

Vote for your favorite heroine!

The YA Sisterhood blog is trying to find out the ultimate favorite heroine!

I'm going to vote for Izzy and for Karou! You should too!

If Izzy wins, Cassie Clare will post a teaser for City of Lost Souls!! That's enough for me! And anyway Izzy is such a great character. She is tough and can hold her own against anything, but still has a feminine side. She shows that she can feel like any other girl at her age. I totally think she deserves to win after everything she went through in COG and COFA! #TEAM IZZY!

Karou should also win. She is such a great heroine! She has blue hair, hello?! That's so cool. And wants peace in her world between the angels and the Chimaera. And I believe completely that she will do it! She loves the Chimaera and Akiva, but she doesn't let her feelings come between her better judgement. And she lives in Prague, she is so refreshing! Daughter of Smoke and Bone was one of my favorite books in 2011, and Karou one of the best heroines. Mara is great too, but Karou is more of a heroine! #TEAM KAROU!

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