Review Policy

Hello! Thank you for visiting this page! Before reading, please bear in mind that I am an international blogger living in Switzerland. If you are willing to ship books internationally, feel free to e-mail me at bookstoconsider[at]yahoo[dot]com

Review Policy:
  • I accept Young Adult titles as those are what I normally review on this blog.
  • I enjoy most genres including historical, romance, science fiction, paranormal, mystery, fantasy, contemporary fiction and dystopian being my favorite.
  • I won't accept books in the following genres: non-fiction, erotica and religious titles.
  • I will accept Indie and self-published title.
  • If the book is not the first in a series, I would like the time to read the prior books in the series before reviewing the one received.
  • I post all of my reviews on both this blog and my Goodreads account.
  • My reviews contain: title, author, release date, publisher, number of pages, summary according to Goodreads and my honest thoughts and opinions on the reviewed book.
  • I do not receive compensation for my reviews.
  • If the title has not been published yet, I will post my review around the time of its release. If the title has already been released, I will post my review up to one month after receiving it. Furthermore you will receive a scheduled date for the review and links to where you can find it.
  • I will gladly participate in blog tours should I agree to review the title.
  • I accept Advanced Reading Copies and finished copies. I will also accept e-books and e-ARCs (as long as compatible with Kindle).
You can always expect honest reviews on this blog. Negative opinions will not be omitted but will not be exaggerated. Please understand that I will not be able to review every single title received.

Thanks for reading my review policy. I am always reachable by e-mail as I check it daily so feel free to contact me anytime.