04 March 2012

Exiled - RaShelle Workman

Release Date: October 3
Number of pages: 340
Publisher: Polished Pen Press

Worlds divided them. Chance brought them together. Only love will save them.
An alien princess exiled to Earth.
An arrogant boy.
One week to get back to her planet or she'll die.
And, her only chance for survival? She must help the boy find his soul mate.
Piece of cake!
Stubborn, sixteen-year-old Princess Venus of Kelari wants one thing, to become immortal, that is, until someone exiles her to Earth, kills her irrihunter and takes her family.

Now she wants revenge.
First she’s got to get home. But before she can return to Kelari, the Gods have commanded her to help an arrogant boy named Michael find his soul mate. Only she doesn't know the first thing about love. Rather quickly, her inexperience with human emotion is obscured by other matters--alien-controlled psychotic teens that are out to kill her, and a government group that is set on capturing and dissecting her. Worst of all, Venus will suffer a painful death-by-poisoning, thanks to Earth’s atmosphere, if she remains on the planet longer than one week. Still, Venus is a Princess and she's got a plan. Surely, with her help, Michael will fall in love with a human.  

But time is running out and Michael is falling for the wrong girl--her.

 Sci-Fi is the new IN! Even though there aren't many sci-fi books in the YA section, the ones which I've read so far, have exceeded my expectation. I'm all for more books in this ever-growing genre. So it doesn't come as a surprise that Exiled was a really great read. It even surprised me a bit because I wasn't really expecting anything from it. 

The story was what really caught my attention when I bought it (but of course the cover is gorgeous too!). A princess exiled from her home planet after being framed by someone. She didn't believe in love and her only goal was to become immortal. But of course something comes in the way and she is sent to Earth for crimes she didn't commit. Furthermore she has to complete a task: help a human find true love. Not so difficult, right? But the human boy, Michael, is not a love believer. And to complicate things more, she has only one week before her body starts to deteriorate because of Earth's atmosphere! This book has everything! Love, mystery, suspense, action, everything you look for in a YA book!

Other thing I enjoyed a lot in this book was the characters' growth. Venus' and Michael's growth is almost tangible by the end of the book. Venus has learned a lot during her time on Earth and Michael finally learned how love can be beneficial to oneself. 
Venus was a great main character. First I couldn't identify myself a lot with her but with time she became a character I cared for. Michael comes off as arrogant and annoying at first but after reading his side of the story I could totally see why he acted the way he did (yes, he goes through a lot throughout the book!)  And Zaren was there to complete the love triangle! I really couldn't choose between Michael and Zaren so I leave this task to Venus :). Zaren was sweet and great since the beginning and oh he never lets Venus down. 

The ending was great and held big surprises, therefore I can't wait for the second book! Beguiled, the sequel coming out in May, is one book I surely won't miss. If you enjoy a sci-fi mixed with some romance and action, you certainly won't be disappointed with Exiled. 

Ps.: If you own a kindle, go buy this book right now on amazon! It's free!



  1. So glad you enjoyed EXILED, Rachel. Thank you for the kind review. =D

  2. Wonderful review! I have this on my Kindle and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll have to try to get to it soon. And the cover is amazing!

  3. Yeah, I so did not see that ending coming! I also got wrapped up in that love triangle leaning toward Michael...but I read the first few chapters of Beguiled and I think I am team Zaren. For me, the plot crossed the line of sci-fi over to paranormal in the second book, which is not my thing, but the first was great.