21 June 2012

Review: Slated - Teri Terry

Release Date: May 3rd, 2012
Paperback: 448 Pages
Publisher: Orchard Books

Kyla’s memory has been erased,
her personality wiped blank,
her memories lost for ever.
She’s been Slated.
The government claims she was a terrorist, and that they are giving her a second chance - as long as she plays by their rules. But echoes of the past whisper in Kyla’s mind. Someone is lying to her, and nothing is as it seems. Who can she trust in her search for the truth?

Slated was unexpectedly amazing! Admittedly I was expecting something completely different. After reading the synopsis I thought the story would be more centered around Kyla recovering her memories and fighting the system but actually I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't like most dystopian novels nowadays.

The plot: It developed quite nicely. For my taste even a bit too slow for the action to start but when the suspense really kicked in, this novel was simply unputdownable! The mystery behind the slating just kept me hooked and I'm still asking myself where the missing people were taken. Furthermore Terry really did a wonderful job in those flashbacks about Kyla's previous life.

The characters: Kyla was nice main character but I wasn't specially fond of her, even though she was a fascinating character. Yet her relationship with Ben was nicely written. It wasn't the usual insta-love. They got to know each other, became friends and over time, it became something more. Ben was also an interesting character, actually he is quite naive but in the end he gets the more and more fascinating.

Slated is an original dystopia, which despite not being action-packed, is utterly enthralling. The whole Slating is just an intriguing concept that I can't wait to read more about in the next installment! I recommend this one to all dystopian fans and, overall, young adult readers. I'm certain you won't be disappointed!

Teri has lived in France, Canada, Australia and England at more addresses than she can count, acquiring three degrees, a selection of passports and a silly name along the way. Past careers have included scientist, lawyer, optometrist, and, in England, various jobs in schools, libraries and an audiobook charity. The footpaths and canal ways of the Buckinghamshire Chilterns where she now lives inspired much of the setting of Slated. She hates broccoli, likes cats, and has finally worked out what she wants to do when she grows up. Website


  1. This is a scary notion, I'd like a couple of memories wiped too but to erase ALL of it is a dreadful possibility. I'm assuming that Kyla is a teenager and for someone so young to be marked a terrorist is beyond terrifying.

    Talk Supe

  2. This sounds great. I've been really frustrated lately with the dystopian books coming out and the slew of insta-love romance, so this sounds like a nice change. I'll definitely have to read this one. Thanks for the review!

  3. Oh, I am a huge fan of dystopians and your love for this book makes me super excited to check it out! Kyla and Ben's relationship sounds like my cup of tea. Slow-building! <3 :) Amazing review, Rachel!

  4. Awesome review! I adore reading dystopians but surprisingly I haven't heard much about this one! Glad to hear you enjoyed it Rachel! It's too bad you didn't love the protagonist but I am happy to hear you enjoyed the plot development! Thanks for the honest review!!!

    Following your awesome blog!

  5. I'm fussy when it comes to Dystopian but this one sounds great and oh so intriguing! Hopefully the copy I won arrives soon... ;D Lovely review!